Advanced MindBody Coach Training

Integrate MindBody Coaching in your practice to help your clients achieve deeper healing and longterm results.

Mindset is powerful for habit change.

Understanding the body is powerful for healing. 

Integrating mindset and body wisdom together?


Traumatic experiences create subconscious triggers that are stored in the body and mind.

They show up as personal limitations, physical ailments, mental and emotional dysfunction.

These problems impact the client's health, wealth, and relationships

AND continues the cycle by passing on the patterns to future generations.

Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching can change habits, but it can't heal unresolved trauma because it only addresses the conscious mind rather than the subconscious root cause.

Body Wisdom

Energy medicine and bodywork can help release the stored trauma, but it doesn’t help the client change the habits and behaviors associated with the old patterns.

Integrative MindBody Coaching is a unique technique that fully addresses every aspect of healing the person: mental, physical, emotional, and financial.

You'll learn the most powerful tools on the planet to get clients beyond their conscious minds so they can heal traumas caused by upbringing and past experiences.

MindBody Coaching is different because it includes my trainings and experiences in yoga, meditation, massage therapy, somatic and energy work, emotional integration, mindset, subconscious reframing, trauma recovery and healing around relationships and money while maintaining soul-driven, heart-centered purpose.

Help yourself and others embody healing, personal freedom, ease and flow on all levels of life.

It's vital for the practitioner to do their own work before helping others and that's what you will do.

Resolve your personal, professional and financial issues to help more people help themselves also.

I'm your coach, Kim Guillory.

The process behind Integrative MindBody Coaching is based on my own personal experience with years of chronic health conditions, relationship and financial struggles.

After multiple surgeries, and medications trying to fix my pain, a doctor told me, "Fibromyalgia is a condition of behavior," and realized the solution was inside of me.

After that, I read hundreds of books, attended retreats, and attained certifications leading to my own wholeness.

I’ve trained as a life coach through The Life Coach School, a health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Certified Hypnotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist trained in Somatic Therapy and Energy Work. Along with 27 years of business experience and a Certified 10X Business Mentor and Coach to help business owners grow personally, professionally and financially.

Since then I...

  • Published the book on how I changed my life and went from not wanting to live to prosperity and leading.

  • ​Train MindBody Coaches for over 6 years.

  • ​Present my process on stages like Human Design and Hypnotherapy conferences.

  • ​Mentor thousands of people via the More Than Mindset podcast and Facebook group.

  • ​Teach this approach inside my group coaching programs.

  • ​Created a MindBody Business Platform for healing focused entrepreneurs. 

  • ​Teach Massage Therapist how to create their Signature Massage, earn consistent $5K + months, and integrate coaching into their practice.

  • Help coaches reach their first six-figure year.

My specialty..

  • Helping clients heal using an Integrative MindBody approach.

  • Combining my background and experience as a massage therapist, energy medicine practitioner, hypnotherapist, yoga meditation teacher, and health, life and business coach trainings. 

  • Supporting coaches and practitioners in understanding the part our neurology plays in our health, wealth and relationships. 

  • Accessing transformation through emotional processing techniques, exploring physical signs and symptoms (metaphysics and somatic tracking), then shifting subconscious beliefs. 

  • ​I come from the perspective that our mental and emotional state of being is reflected in our physical body and material world experiences. 

  • ​Helping wellness practitioners build a 6-figure business doing it their own unique way. 

And now, you can learn the

Integrative MindBody Advanced Coaching

process for yourself!

Integrative Coach Training is for you if:

  • You value mindset, bodywork and inner healing.

  • You are already doing your own personal work.

  • You feel pressure and urgency for change.

  • ​Your soul senses this call is for you.

  • ​You're healing outdated generational patterns.

  • ​Your clients need more than mindset.

  • ​You're seeking advanced techniques.

  • ​You want confidence as a successful coach.

  • You want to learn from someone who's done it.

  • You want a profitable business helping others.

Your Program Includes:

  • Unique and experiential training process

  • Weekly mentor calls

  • Lifetime access to The Coach's Portal online

  • Your own personal transformation

  • ​Create your unique coaching style

  • ​Hot seat breakthrough sessions

  • ​Practical application and small group coaching

  • ​Opportunity to join our company's mission

  • Access to my coaching membership

You'll Learn:

  • How to understand and coach on mindset

  • How to hold safe space as a coach

  • How to identify and feel emotions

  • ​My signature Emotional Processing Technique

  • ​My unique process to heal and prosper

  • ​How to release subconscious obstacles

  • ​How to create your unique coaching process

  • How to heal limiting beliefs

  • How to activate instant change


Total Support


  • Advanced coach training library

  • Weekly calls with a mentor for a year

  • Unique business training

Coach Training + Mentor


  • Advanced coach training library

  • Weekly calls with a mentor for a year

Advanced Coach Training


  • Advanced coach training library

What the coaches say...

"I've never felt as supported as I did in this training."

I  transformed into multiple identities all while healing my thyroid and shrinking my goiter. I don't think I'd be as far as I am in 4 months with my health if I didn't have this training, tools, and peer support.

Devaney Bellard, Integrative MindBody Coach & Massage Therapist

"I feel like I have a Ph.D. in life coaching."

Before this program, my thoughts and emotions ruled my life.I have healed deep childhood wounds, processed grief, learned how to hold myself with compassion, agreed to take full responsibility for my life, and have grown into the person who can confidently guide others on their healing journey from a neutral position without needing to fix, force, or becoming a wounded healer.

Char Wilson, Integrative Coach & Practitioner

"My life has taken off on a new and powerful trajectory through the Integrative MindBody Coaching process!"

I am using the Coach Training as a way to generate income and feel fulfilled that my clients are now able to make lasting changes, and that I am creating a greater impact on the planetary healing process!

Colette Wilson, Integrative MindBody Coach

"I am taking coaching and massage to a whole new level!"

I’m using coaching to help my clients with their pain points, and gain flexibility, not just physically, but being more flexible in life as they choose to implement a healthier lifestyle.

Brittany Presnull, Integrative Coach & Massage Therapist

"The best investment I could have made in myself."

This work has taught me it's ok to feel my emotions. That is how I learned to heal. This is a safe space with no judgment. It was the best investment I could have made in myself.

Monique Derouen, Integrative MindBody Coach

"Taught me how to change my life on purpose."

The Integrative coaching techniques have taught me the how-to of changing my life on purpose. Uncovering all the layers of healing needed has been and still is the hardest yet most important work of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Forever grateful for you, Kim, and this work you’ve brought forth.

Emily Heyer, Integrative Life Coach

"My entire marriage and relationship with my children has improved."

Just by my transformation my entire marriage and relationship with my children has improved dramatically! So this investment not only serves you but every single person you interact with!   And no matter what form of business you are in this coaching work is applicable and will help your clients.

Lynda Richard, Integrative Relationship and Intimacy Coach

"I feel like I’m just getting started!"

Taking the coach training course and working with Kim has deepened my understanding of the tools and has been the difference between knowing and applying the concepts to living with them as a practice. The awareness and acceptance of myself I have gained has brought so many aspects of my life that I viewed as “separate worlds that must never meet” to incorporating and embracing my life as a whole. To finally let go of a lifelong belief I am a black sheep has been HUGE! I feel like I’m just getting started!

Yvette Riddle, Integrative Life Coach and Graphic Designer


  • Branding done for you package

  • LIVE certification event

  • ​Weekly practice with q&a support

  • Cutting edge education

  • Group coaching and teaching practice

  • ​Map out your specific niche and process

  • Business set up and tech integration

  • Lifetime access to training with updates

  • Access to MindBody Coaching Membership

Walk away...

  • Certified as a competent and in-demand 1:1 coach

  • ​Prepared to present on other people's stages

  • ​Comfortable teaching and coaching in group

  • ​Your own unique coaching process and style

  • Opportunity ​to be featured in the community

  • ​Opportunity to be promoted on social channels

  • ​With personal, professional and financial growth.

  • Opportunity to be part of our mission and platform.

  • Part of a heart-centered, wellness-focused community.

Are you ready to Integrate MindBody Coaching into your practice

so you can help more people?



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